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his brains are in terrible danger.

HELLO ALL! So, hyped up from seeing Stomp Out Loud tonight (IT WAS AWESOOOOOOOME) I’m posting some WIPs that are on the needles.

These are the Phineas Socks that I’m making for my sister KK. This is when they were just getting started, not even a full repeat of the chart done. Now, I’ve finished the heels for both socks, and here’s some pictures, taken the day before yesterday.

Now! On to the Marie Club Socks. The story behind these socks is kinda interesting. Dani, Christina and I all have the same middle name: Marie. We started calling ourselves The Marie Club. Dani was working on a pair of Monkey Socks (Ravelry link!) in some awesome yarn, and I made the comment that I would like to knit them as well. Dani grabbed my hand, dragged me over to the yarn that she was making them out of, and urged me to get the exact same yarn, so that we could have matching socks! We decided that they would be the Official Socks of the Marie Club. We urged Christina to buy some of the same yarn, as well, and make her a pair of Marie Club socks, so that we can all have matching socks! Here’s my progress:

I LOVE THEM. So much! They’re a little more stiff than I’d like, but they are knitting up REALLY FAST and they look super awesome.

I’m more behind than anyone else: Dani’s finished hers and worn them at least 3 times, and Christina is nearly done with hers.

Next, a neckwarmer! My classroom gets REALLY SUPER COLD, so I’m working on a cowl to wear in my classroom. It’s called the Pea Soup Cowl, because the yarn makes me think of pea soup.

Lastly. I wore my First Pair of Socks bowling last week! Here’s a picture of them in my super-rad rented bowling shoes.

ps; Sorry about all the pictures. I don’t really like the way WordPress is doing the picture-uploading, and I can’t figure out how to space out the thumbnails, so until I figure that out, you’re getting bigger pictures.

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