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his brains are in terrible danger.

HELLO ALL! So, hyped up from seeing Stomp Out Loud tonight (IT WAS AWESOOOOOOOME) I’m posting some WIPs that are on the needles.

These are the Phineas Socks that I’m making for my sister KK. This is when they were just getting started, not even a full repeat of the chart done. Now, I’ve finished the heels for both socks, and here’s some pictures, taken the day before yesterday.

Now! On to the Marie Club Socks. The story behind these socks is kinda interesting. Dani, Christina and I all have the same middle name: Marie. We started calling ourselves The Marie Club. Dani was working on a pair of Monkey Socks (Ravelry link!) in some awesome yarn, and I made the comment that I would like to knit them as well. Dani grabbed my hand, dragged me over to the yarn that she was making them out of, and urged me to get the exact same yarn, so that we could have matching socks! We decided that they would be the Official Socks of the Marie Club. We urged Christina to buy some of the same yarn, as well, and make her a pair of Marie Club socks, so that we can all have matching socks! Here’s my progress:

I LOVE THEM. So much! They’re a little more stiff than I’d like, but they are knitting up REALLY FAST and they look super awesome.

I’m more behind than anyone else: Dani’s finished hers and worn them at least 3 times, and Christina is nearly done with hers.

Next, a neckwarmer! My classroom gets REALLY SUPER COLD, so I’m working on a cowl to wear in my classroom. It’s called the Pea Soup Cowl, because the yarn makes me think of pea soup.

Lastly. I wore my First Pair of Socks bowling last week! Here’s a picture of them in my super-rad rented bowling shoes.

ps; Sorry about all the pictures. I don’t really like the way WordPress is doing the picture-uploading, and I can’t figure out how to space out the thumbnails, so until I figure that out, you’re getting bigger pictures.

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That’s right, kids! My socks are done!

They are so very obnoxious and wonderful! The left one pooled more than the right one, but whatevs.


Pattern: The Universal Toe-Up Sock Pattern by

Yarn: South West Trading Company TOFUtsies

Mods: Ummm, lots of improvised increases … I did two increase rounds (increasing at the sides) after the heel, because the first time I almost-finished the first sock, the cast-off would not fit over my giant heel/ankle! So I increased, and it worked out fine.

Now I just need shoes to show them of … I found some at Payless, but I wasn’t in love with them, so I didn’t buy them. Plus, I need to be on a better budget, and new shoes aren’t included in that right now.

Upcoming projects:

  • Bad Penny, from Knitty (with the Debbie Bliss yarn that Dani gave me. Just need about 5 balls in a contrasting color.)
  • Baby Sox for Harrison! (Using Dani’s baby sock pattern. Cast on last night, and they are so cute!)
  • Tardo’s for people. (I have to make, like, five more. DUDE.)
  • Mardi Gras Socks! (I bought some really awesome hand-dyed yarn from Etsy in Mardi Gras colors!)

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the world is my knitting april fool’s joke

Of course.

I ran out to JoAnn’s after my Brittany needle broke, just to get a set of aluminum US2s, and they didn’t have 2s. I got a set of 1s, and I’m using the rest of the wood set until I can get a full set of 2s.

I was sort of over the Brittany ones, anyway.

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I turned the heel of my second sock last night. All was fine until about an hour ago, when i saw that I’d dropped a stitch … BEFORE THE HEEL.

I used a crochet hook to pick it up, but it created this ridge, which I didn’t like. So I ripped.

Everything would’ve been fine if I’d been able to pick the stitches back up cleanly. But it was not meant to be. The stitches were all tight, and I couldn’t get them to the other side of the needle. So I used my desk as leverage, and tried to un-tighten the stitches by pushing them down the needle. I figured, hey, y’know, gravity works.

THE NEEDLE SNAPPED. My nice wood sock needle SNAPPED. Thank goodness I’m not using the knitpicks set I thought about buying. Well, actually, no. BECAUSE THEN I’D HAVE AN EXTRA.

I can’t get to Knit Las Vegas to buy another set until Monday, because why waste gas when I’m going out there on Monday anyway?

Any suggestions for how I can salvage what I have left for about a week? HELP!

The first sock is done, though. Here’s a couple pictures:

img_3917.jpg    img_3919.jpg   img_3918.jpg

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(blank) it to me!


I started my sock last night! Dani and Kaitlen helped me out a lot with the toe. Here is a picture of what I had last night:



AND THEN, I took it to school today, which was a BAD IDEA! I knit a few rounds in between class periods, and before and after school. It got real bad around 4th period, because I was like, “I don’t want to teach, I just want to knit this sock!” Here is a picture of me knitting at dinner with Jessica tonight (we went out for Chinese food):






YAAAY. IT’S SO AWESOME. thought it would be a lot harder to knit on 2s with super skinny yarn, but it’s not as difficult to get used to as I had thought it would be. When I switched to work on my sweater sleeve last night, both the yarn and 6s felt HUUUGE.

I’m getting some hardcore ladders with these DPNs, thought. It’s never happened to me before, and it’s a little annoying, but not to the point where I want to rip it out and do it all over again. Because, um, HELL NO.

I can’t wait to work the heel of this sock, I really enjoyed the wrap and turn method on the toe.

YAY SOCKS. Er, sock. Singular.

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