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FO: Classroom Sweater (plus sock yarn!)


copy-of-111208-classroom-sweater-and-sock-yarn-001I wore it to school today! But for some strange reason, the air/heat wasn’t working AT ALL in my classroom, and it was literally so hot I was sweating, so I had to take it off. :[

copy-of-111208-classroom-sweater-and-sock-yarn-003But I was clearly VERY EXCITED to be wearing it!

Also, on Monday afternoon, I went over to my dear friend Dani‘s house and helped her dye yarn. We did 40 mini-skeins for a Fiber-Box contribution she was doing, and then we dyed some in her ‘Modern Romance’ colorway, and then she had 3 skeins of KnitPicks sock yarn that she said I could “play around with.” Oh, and we also destroyed a Pyrex dish. Literally, it exploded all over the kitchen. Nobody was hurt, thank goodness.

We decided, since there were 3 skeins, that I would keep one, and Dani and Christina would get the other 2.

Here’s the first skein I did, which I dubbed “High Voltage.”



Dani has the 2nd skein I did, called “Radioactive.” I WISH SHE WOULD TAKE PICTURES OF IT. HINT HINT. :]

This is the 3rd skein I did, called “Bag of Crazy,” going to Christina. We didn’t name it until after I’d given it to her. (She told me to take it home and take pictures of it, though, and that’s why I still have it.) I tried to do Mardi Gras colors, but the purple became more of a navy blue, and the green isn’t right for Mardi Gras.



So, that’s all for right now. I finished one of the UT Hats. I need to make 2 more. I’m very optimistic about Christmas Knitting this year. Because I finished the classroom sweater waaaaaay sooner than I thought I would, it means that I have more time to knit for Christmas gifts AND more time to knit for me! Most exciting.

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the waiting game


Classroom Sweater is blocking.

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i have no title.

I am feeling very accomplished.


110609-to-110808-021The Classroom Sweater is 90% done! I finished the sleeves on Saturday night. (AND THEY ARE THE SAME LENGTH!) We were at the yarn store, and I finished the sleeve, and immediately put it on. I didn’t take it off for at least 20 minutes.

This afternoon, I picked up some really rad buttons at JoAnn’s: they are round and purple-ish, and when the light hits them a certain way, they have a lovely flower pattern on them. They are going to look so great! I picked up stitches for the button band tonight while watching a movie with Jessica, and it is definitely going to be done by Thanksgiving!


110609-to-110808-024I cannot wait to finish this sweater. It is going to be SO AWESOME.



Also! I started a hat for my sister for Christmas, in the colors of her college. I may or may not duplicate stitch the school’s logo onto it, we’ll see. I finished half of the hat in the better part of 2 hours, so I’m feeling very good about Christmas Knitting this year. I have Grand Plans for almost everyone I know.


I am clearly very excited to be modeling the UT Hat. HAHA. I took that picture at the end of the first hour working on the hat – it’s much further along now.

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furious knitting

Hey guys, check out what happens when I knit with fury:

I churn out almost 1/4 of a sweater in 2 days. I’m pretty freaking proud of myself.

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