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Yarn, design, and poll!

So, we’re gonna ride right on past the part where I apologize for not blogging for 3 months, and get straight to the point.

This point comes in, like, 4 bullet points:

  • I recently bought 4 skeins of Malabrigo sock. (One is already spoken for – I bought it with a project in mind, so it is not eligible in this poll. I’ll post pictures of the eligible ones at the bottom.)
  • I will not be using the Araucania Ranco I used before, even though I unraveled it all and it’s in 2 separate balls already. (I think it has a different destiny.)
  • I want to use one of the 3 eligible Malabrigo Sock skeins for the Azures.

The one skein that is spoken for is in Tiziano Red. Oh lordy, it is GORGEOUS. I’m going to use it to make another set of my Untitled Mitts.

The original pair were knit in KnitPicks Palette. There are some changes I need to make to the pattern, so I’m going to make another pair, and they’re going to be awesome.

So, on to the poll! The 3 skeins I have available are Turner, Stonechat, and Impressionist Sky.

Each colorway is gorgeous and would make an amazing pair of socks (and probably will someday) but I can’t decide!

Personally, I am leaning towards Turner. BUT. “Azure” means blue, so Impressionist Sky is a close second.

HERE COMES YOUR PART. Vote in this handy-dandy little poll for which colorway YOU think I should use. I can’t guarantee I’ll go with the results of the poll, but let’s just see what happens.

Tonight I started swatching for Magic Mirror Socks with Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball (both Ravelry links). Um, REALLY EXCITED about it.

And lastly, I designed the Firebending Hat. Pattern forthcoming.

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*hangs head* I’m a bad blogger, I know.

Just wanted to pop in and share the most recent addition to my stash.

14 skeins of Malabrigo Worsted. Purchased from Little Knits, which is quickly becoming my favorite online retailer. And yes, 14 skeins might seem excessive, BUT almost every skein has a purpose.

Here’s the breakdown.

The Blues:

3 skeins of “Bobby Blue.”

2 skeins of “Continental Blue.”

The Purples:

2 skeins of “Cuarzo.”

2 skeins of “Jacinto.”

The Greens:

2 skeins of “Verde Esperanza.” (This one is actually a really deep green that my camera just could not capture. It’s so lovely.)

1 skein of “Saphire Green,” because it was all they had in stock. I wish I could’ve bought more in this colorway, it is beautiful!

And the obligatory Yellow:

2 skeins of “Cadmium.” Because I cannot say no to yellow.

Almost each set of skeins has a destiny, which almost never happens. Usually I buy yarn because it’s there, or because it’s pretty, but I went into this purchase adventure with a plan.

Christmas knitting is (sort of) coming along. I need to speed-knit to get everything done, I think. But I have plans!

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FO: Classroom Sweater (plus sock yarn!)


copy-of-111208-classroom-sweater-and-sock-yarn-001I wore it to school today! But for some strange reason, the air/heat wasn’t working AT ALL in my classroom, and it was literally so hot I was sweating, so I had to take it off. :[

copy-of-111208-classroom-sweater-and-sock-yarn-003But I was clearly VERY EXCITED to be wearing it!

Also, on Monday afternoon, I went over to my dear friend Dani‘s house and helped her dye yarn. We did 40 mini-skeins for a Fiber-Box contribution she was doing, and then we dyed some in her ‘Modern Romance’ colorway, and then she had 3 skeins of KnitPicks sock yarn that she said I could “play around with.” Oh, and we also destroyed a Pyrex dish. Literally, it exploded all over the kitchen. Nobody was hurt, thank goodness.

We decided, since there were 3 skeins, that I would keep one, and Dani and Christina would get the other 2.

Here’s the first skein I did, which I dubbed “High Voltage.”



Dani has the 2nd skein I did, called “Radioactive.” I WISH SHE WOULD TAKE PICTURES OF IT. HINT HINT. :]

This is the 3rd skein I did, called “Bag of Crazy,” going to Christina. We didn’t name it until after I’d given it to her. (She told me to take it home and take pictures of it, though, and that’s why I still have it.) I tried to do Mardi Gras colors, but the purple became more of a navy blue, and the green isn’t right for Mardi Gras.



So, that’s all for right now. I finished one of the UT Hats. I need to make 2 more. I’m very optimistic about Christmas Knitting this year. Because I finished the classroom sweater waaaaaay sooner than I thought I would, it means that I have more time to knit for Christmas gifts AND more time to knit for me! Most exciting.

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OKAY! Here are some things that are coming up soon!

  • Neckwarmer pattern (I picked a name! Aubergine Dreams. It was my first choice, and it got 2 votes, so I have declared it the winner!)
  • Everlasting Bagstopper Pattern Modifications (I gave my mods to Christina and she said she really liked them and that I should post them on my blog, so they are coming soon!)
  • More pictures. I have been knitting. WE SWEARS IT.

Also, I am SERIOUSLY considering some Opal Harry Potter sock yarn. Oh, who am I kidding, we all know I’m totally going to buy some. The Ron colorway is my absolute favorite, and I am looking to make some Toe-Up Jaywalkers (Ravelry link!) with it. I am considering buying 2, one to make just straight stockinette socks, and the other for the Jaywalkers. Either way, it is GLORIOUS and I’ll be getting some once I get paid again.

And that is all.

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laissez le tricotant rouler

LET THE KNITTING ROLL. (Not completely accurate, but close enough.)

First of all! SOCKS! Well, sock. Singular. Only one right now.

On Ravelry, they’re called “laissez les SOCKS rouler.” I think I am SO clever.

I did the toe on two DPNs, and when my Knit Picks order came (which I will talk about later!) I switched to my Magic Loop needles. I LOVE MAGIC LOOP. I am NEVER doing anything on DPNs again.

Also, I LOVE THIS YARN. It’s hand-painted that I bought from somebody on Etsy, and it is GLORIOUS. I’m getting 10 stitches/inch, but still! It is so soft, I want to take a bath in it.This is me, cuddling the awesomeness:

NEXT! My Bad Penny pullover. Oh, man. This is going to be awesome. I did a little waist shaping, and now I am almost ready to start with the contrasting color. Here are pictures:

It is going to be so awesome! The yellow is going to look great, and it’ll be an excellent representation of my personality. Me, in solid colors. Instead of my usual spastic amounts of colors.

Now, My Knit Picks order!

It came on Friday, which was AWESOME, because I had started the toe of the Mardi Gras sock on Wednesday. Yarn stats first: I got 4 (2 of each) colors of Palette, and one of Essential. 2 of the Palettes will turn into socks for KK and Rachel, and the rest of the sock yarn is for me. I want to use them to do more complicated patterns, not just straight stockinette. Here’s the sock yarn!

And I also got the Georgian cotton sampler. The yarn itself looks great, I’m not too impressed with the patterns that came with it, but we’ll see. The colors are also more pastel than I usually like, but I really picked it for the yellow ball of Shine Worsted. I really like knitting with cotton, so it’ll be really nice to see how these yarns knit up.

That is that. Wow, that was really long, I felt. YAY!

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My Knit Picks order shipped! It shipped on 4/24, so I should be getting it next week. I got it shipped to school, so I can open it and fondle the yarn right away. (And it won’t be sitting on my doorstep for an entire afternoon.) I AM VERY EXCITED. I can’t wait for all that sock yarn and the cotton sampler to arrive!

I made these baby booties last night. Another teacher at my school is pregnant, and her baby shower is on Wednesday. I had some Patons Grace lying around in a mint green, and decided I couldn’t go wrong with a gender-neutral color like that.

I think they are SO CUTE! Here are some specs:

Pattern: Free Baby Mary Jane Booties, from How Stuff Works

Yarn: Patons Grace in Ginger

Comments: SO CUTE! I wouldn’t change anything. I might even make another pair for Harrison, Jessica’s nephew. So simple, I made them in about two hours total, including seaming and butting the buttons on.

ALSO! I started Bad Penny, with the Debbie Bliss Cotton DK that Dani gave me. I’m very excited about it! The majority of it will be the orange, and my mom bought me 6 balls of the same yarn in yellow to use for the contrasting color! I’m real lucky to have a mom who supports my yarn habit/addiction. Hey, at least I’m not addicted to drugs or anything.


WOO! I think the YO’s look good, for the most part. Some are wonky, but I have plans to fix that. I’m using a 32″ cable, and I can’t get it around my shoulders, so I had to ghetto-rig it to take pictures. I’ve knit almost 5 balls of the orange and I’ve got 4 left. I plan on adding some waist shaping when I get to that point in the pattern, because every FO I looked at on Ravelry with this pattern mentioned something about not having waist shaping. We’ll see how it works out!

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Not really, but I did drop about $60 at KnitPicks today.

I got their Georgian Yarn Sampler, which I am REALLY excited about. I really like knitting with cotton, so I’m anxious to see how they work up. I also got 47″ and 60″ cables for my Options set, and fixed circs in 1s and 2s to do Magic Loop for socks. Speaking of socks, I got a ridiculous amount of sock yarn, too. Mostly all on clearance.

I can’t wait for it to come! I got it shipped to school, so I can get it right away, and not have it sit on my doorstep all afternoon, because that makes me nervous.

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