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KSL Update

Since I’ve neglected this blog, I haven’t updated you about my adventures in the Knit. Sock. Love. knit-along on Ravelry!

For the past 11 months, I’ve been participating in the most challenging, and the most rewarding, knit-along! We’re knitting all 19 patterns from Cookie A‘s newest book, Knit. Sock. Love.

Here are my projects from the last 11 months! (The last 2 are WIP photos. I’m plugging along, but October and November have been rough knitting months, so I’m a little behind.)


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Waterbender Hat PDF


My friend Dani (who, in addition to being a great friend, is also an excellent designer, dyer, tea-blender, and sock-club-runner) has turned my Waterbender Hat pattern into a handy-dandy PDF file for your downloading enjoyment. (Also, go check of Dani’s blog and shop. Buy things from her, because she is awesome.)

You can download it from the Patterns Page! (I’m working on putting it on Ravelry, and it should be up sometime soon.)

Also, in design news: I’m working up 2 versions of the Earthbender Hat for a class in the HPKCHC. Those patterns will be posted (if not in PDF form, then definitely in a blog post) before the end of the month!

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WIP: As-Yet-Unnamed Mitts

New design I’m working on. It will be published on this blog as soon as I get it typed up and prepared.

I think it’s going to be my first pattern for sale, instead of offered free. My lovely friend Dani suggested that I sell the pattern, and when I said I didn’t even know where to begin with selling patterns, she offered to help me. I’m excited about it! It’s been fun to knit so far, and I can’t wait to finish the pair and release the pattern!

(PS: BIIIG Christmas Knits FO Roundup coming soon!)

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FOs, WIPs, and PIMPs

I have more things to share!

First is a scarf that was actually meant to be a WIP in this post. But! I finished and blocked it last night.


Purple Fan Scarf using leftoever Palette I had from KK’s Phineas socks. CO 36, 2 repeats of fan stitch pattern. Very good mindless knitting.

It is going to be sent to Jessica’s sister Jonnie (whose favorite color is purple) for her 19th birthday.


Next is my project for the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup over on Ravelry.


This is my project for Charms class. Our assingment is the Patronus charm: either as a messenger, or as a comfort/depression treatment (the explicit directions were to “make something that would make us happy”); I chose the “comfort” aspect.

The pattern is Serenity, by Laura Wilson-Martos. I have been wanting to knit this blanket for about 8 months, ever since I first discovered the pattern. But then I had to do Christmas knitting, and I had a dye lot fiasco, but when the HPKCHC Charms class came along, I KNEW that this would be my project. The pattern is simply glorious, and Laura was kind enough to help me out when I accidentally misread a line, messaged her on Ravelry, and then felt like an idiot when I realized my simple mistake.

I’m about 1/5 of the way done, I think. (I’m inclined to underestimate my progress, so that when it takes longer than I think it will, I won’t be disappointed.) I bought 6 balls of yarn for it and just broke out the 2nd ball last night.


Also, this project is now MUCH farther along than the picture would lead you to believe. I took the pictures after the first day of knitting this project, which was Jan 4th, I think. It is getting more and more difficult to photograph because it just keeps growing. I am almost to the point of needing to switch circulars because the one I am currently using is too short.


Finally, I need to advertise. My dear friend Dani is hosting a little contest. Her sock club, Rock Your Socks Off (link to etsy), is about to get underway, and she wants YOUR ideas for bands/artists/colorways/etc that YOU (yeah, YOU!) would want to see in a sock club. The winner gets a choice of an existing colorway from Dani’s etsy shop, or they can have their suggested colorway dyed especially for them by Dani! What a sweet deal!!

As a frequent recipient of Dyed by DaniDo yarn, I can tell you that this sock club is going to be a lot of fun. So, get going, knitters! Reserve yourself a spot in the club using the esty link above, and go email Dani about your colorway ideas!

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the waiting game


Classroom Sweater is blocking.

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i have no title.

I am feeling very accomplished.


110609-to-110808-021The Classroom Sweater is 90% done! I finished the sleeves on Saturday night. (AND THEY ARE THE SAME LENGTH!) We were at the yarn store, and I finished the sleeve, and immediately put it on. I didn’t take it off for at least 20 minutes.

This afternoon, I picked up some really rad buttons at JoAnn’s: they are round and purple-ish, and when the light hits them a certain way, they have a lovely flower pattern on them. They are going to look so great! I picked up stitches for the button band tonight while watching a movie with Jessica, and it is definitely going to be done by Thanksgiving!


110609-to-110808-024I cannot wait to finish this sweater. It is going to be SO AWESOME.



Also! I started a hat for my sister for Christmas, in the colors of her college. I may or may not duplicate stitch the school’s logo onto it, we’ll see. I finished half of the hat in the better part of 2 hours, so I’m feeling very good about Christmas Knitting this year. I have Grand Plans for almost everyone I know.


I am clearly very excited to be modeling the UT Hat. HAHA. I took that picture at the end of the first hour working on the hat – it’s much further along now.

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furious knitting

Hey guys, check out what happens when I knit with fury:

I churn out almost 1/4 of a sweater in 2 days. I’m pretty freaking proud of myself.

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TEARS. at the yarn store


They don’t fit over my ginormous heel.

Apparently, I have a very high instep and need to rip them out. (According to an overbearing woman at the yarn store.)

September 6, 2008 at 9:42 pm 4 comments

the blue vault above; the unclouded sky

Meet my Azure Socks, everyone!

This is the 8th attempt at these socks. If you remember, I started them in May, and then ripped them out twice over the course of one weekend in Texas. (Okay, so maybe it isn’t actually the 8th attempt, but it’s at least the 5th or 6th.)

Now, I have 2 heels, and just have to do the leg and cuff. VICTORY!

I am in love with them. I also have the urge to knit EVERYTHING with Ranco. I cannot believe how beautiful it is. The colors are glorious and look beautiful together. I was expecting stripes, but the distribution of the colors is amazing and I’m glad it is variegated, rather than striped.

The pictures aren’t that great, BUT. The socks themselves are amazing and coming along nicely.

So, I am devoting all my knitting attention to these socks at the moment, but I do have other things that I need to finish:

  • Phineas socks for my dear sister Kathryn
  • Marie Club socks for me
  • Mardi Gras socks for me
  • Jayne Cobb Hat for either me, Jessica, or Jonnie

And then LOTS of things that I WANT to knit, but haven’t started yet:

  • Red cardigan (Cascade 220)
  • Various Market Bags
  • Classroom Sweater (Berrocco Alpaca and Undecided variegated yarn)

I’ve been seeing a lot of cardigans on Ravelry that I want to knit, but they all involve seaming. Curses! I could probably adapt the pattern for raglan sleeves, but we’ll see.

Still in love.

September 1, 2008 at 6:46 pm 3 comments

his brains are in terrible danger.

HELLO ALL! So, hyped up from seeing Stomp Out Loud tonight (IT WAS AWESOOOOOOOME) I’m posting some WIPs that are on the needles.

These are the Phineas Socks that I’m making for my sister KK. This is when they were just getting started, not even a full repeat of the chart done. Now, I’ve finished the heels for both socks, and here’s some pictures, taken the day before yesterday.

Now! On to the Marie Club Socks. The story behind these socks is kinda interesting. Dani, Christina and I all have the same middle name: Marie. We started calling ourselves The Marie Club. Dani was working on a pair of Monkey Socks (Ravelry link!) in some awesome yarn, and I made the comment that I would like to knit them as well. Dani grabbed my hand, dragged me over to the yarn that she was making them out of, and urged me to get the exact same yarn, so that we could have matching socks! We decided that they would be the Official Socks of the Marie Club. We urged Christina to buy some of the same yarn, as well, and make her a pair of Marie Club socks, so that we can all have matching socks! Here’s my progress:

I LOVE THEM. So much! They’re a little more stiff than I’d like, but they are knitting up REALLY FAST and they look super awesome.

I’m more behind than anyone else: Dani’s finished hers and worn them at least 3 times, and Christina is nearly done with hers.

Next, a neckwarmer! My classroom gets REALLY SUPER COLD, so I’m working on a cowl to wear in my classroom. It’s called the Pea Soup Cowl, because the yarn makes me think of pea soup.

Lastly. I wore my First Pair of Socks bowling last week! Here’s a picture of them in my super-rad rented bowling shoes.

ps; Sorry about all the pictures. I don’t really like the way WordPress is doing the picture-uploading, and I can’t figure out how to space out the thumbnails, so until I figure that out, you’re getting bigger pictures.

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