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northern downpour sends its love

OH HEY I’M BACK ALREADY. Betcha didn’t expect that.

Popping in real quick to post another FO. This scarf had been on the needles since May 2012, and I was just knitting it off-and-on, just for something to do while in between bigger projects. But now it’s finished!

sugar cane in the easy morning


The yarn is Araucania Ruca, which is 100% SUGAR CANE. I used it to knit a cowl in the beginning of 2012, but it never got worn, so I reclaimed the yarn and decided to make this scarf. I’m so glad I did – this patter suits the yarn way better than the cowl did.


The project name is in reference to a Panic! at the Disco song.



Maybe next time I’ll blog about the BFF Cowl that my babe Christina made. SOMEONE REMIND ME.

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Oh, hey there.


FIRST: I don’t want to talk about the Hunger Games shawl.

SECOND: I want to blog more! Again! And I know I said that at the beginning of 2012 SHUT UP.

My regular Wednesday knit group, SCKCS, gained a new member recently, and her name is Marie, and she and I have been messaging back and forth on Ravelry about books, and nerdy things, and blogging, so we’re going to be each other’s cheering section!


malabrigo, you are drunk
malabrigo, you are drunk (L)

malabrigo, you are drunk (R)

malabrigo, you are drunk

I am so hip I have trouble seeing over my pelvis.





If you are a fairly large nerd like I am, you should get that reference. If not, try this.

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KSL Update

Since I’ve neglected this blog, I haven’t updated you about my adventures in the Knit. Sock. Love. knit-along on Ravelry!

For the past 11 months, I’ve been participating in the most challenging, and the most rewarding, knit-along! We’re knitting all 19 patterns from Cookie A‘s newest book, Knit. Sock. Love.

Here are my projects from the last 11 months! (The last 2 are WIP photos. I’m plugging along, but October and November have been rough knitting months, so I’m a little behind.)


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PATTERN: Waterbender Hat


IMG_6245(Download the PDF!)

Size: One size fits most adult heads

Yarn: 1 ball each of Wisdom Yarns Poems #558 (MC) and #517 (CC)

Needles: US9 Circular (I did Magic Loop on a 40” circular set, but you can use a shorter circular set and switch to DPNs for the crown)

Gauge: 4.5 stitches per inch (row gauge is not crucial)

CO 112

Join for working in the round. Work in 2×2 ribbing for 1 – 1.5 inches

K 1 row even, decreasing 2 stitches evenly. You should now have 110 stitches.


waterbending chart

After working the 8 rows of the chart, switch back to MC. Knit in MC for 4 – 5 inches (measure from bottom of ribbing.)

Begin decreasing.

1: *K9, k2tog* around

2 and all even-numbered rows: K around

3: *K8, k2tog* around

5: *K7, k2tog* around

7: *K6, k2tog* around

9: *K5, k2tog* around

11: *K4, k2tog* around

13: *K3, k2tog* around

15: *K2, k2tog* around

17: *K1, k2tog* around

19: K2tog around (You can repeat this row if you like.)

Cut yarn, leaving a generous tail, and thread yarn needle. Draw yarn through remaining stitches to close top of hat. Weave in ends.

Wear with pride when you’re practicing your Waterbending skillz.

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173841 - Copy

(Sorry for the horrible webcam picture.)

Do you see it? DO YOU SEE IT?

That’s a hole in my handknit sock. I wore them ONCE. WAH.

Umm, they’re in time-out until I can figure out exactly how to deal with this catastrophe.

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FO: Waterbender Hat


Okay, let’s be honest here, yall. I AM NOT A REAL ADULT.

I may fake it on the outside, but inside … I am an awkward, quirky, obnoxious little child.

So when my dear roommate Jessica suggested we start watching an older Nickelodeon show called Avatar: The Last Airbender, of course I consented. It was animated, for chrissakes! I couldn’t pass it up.

Shortly into the first season (we have all 3 seasons on DVD) it became clear that this was a new obsession that I simply couldn’t escape. I loved everything about it: the characters were funny, one of the voice-actors was on Arrested Development, it had the child-who-has-a-responsibility-to-save-the-world-and-is-angsty-about-it, and it had characters that could throw fire WITH THEIR FEET. (I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT!)

So, obviously I started thinking about knitting something related to the show. There are 4 different types of Benders in the show: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air, to correspond with the 4 elements. The Avatar, Aang, who is angsty about saving the world, is the master of all 4 elements, and he has to use them to defeat the Fire Lord, who is trying to take over the world.

In order to master all 4 elements, Aang must learn them all in a specific order. Aang is an Airbender by birth, so he has to learn Water, Earth, and Fire in that order.

I decided to design a set of 4 hats to correspond with the different Bending styles, and I decided to do it in the order that Aang has to learn the other Bending styles.


Aang had to learn Waterbending first, so it’s the first hat I designed.


I used half the chart from Knitty’s Swell for the waves. I used Poems again (because apparently, I am obsessed) and clever readers will already have realized that the MC is the same as the one I used for my IRK hat!


(This next paragraph relates, I promise.)

The Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup (hereafter known as HPKCHC or just House Cup) started its fall term on Ravelry this week, and I am very glad to be returning for my 3rd term as a Hufflepuff! One of the classes this month is Charms, and the assignment is to study to Aguamenti Charm, create something water related, be it colours, waves etc. I proposed an idea in my House’s Common Room: would another ‘Puff be willing to test-knit my hat pattern and count is as their Charms assignment? I had 2 responses, so I typed up the pattern and posted it to this blog in a password-protected post and PM’d the people who expressed interest. (If you’re interested in seeing the pattern before I release it, shoot me an email and I’ll send you the password.)


So, Water is done. Earth is next, and I need to do some practice before I get started on it. I have an awesome idea for the Earthbender hat, but it involves using a technique I’ve never done before, so practicing is necessary.

Happy Bending, everybody.


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FO: My Floppy Hat (& WIPs!)


Project: My Floppy Hat
Pattern: None! I just sorta winged it. (Wung it? Whateverrr.)
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool Chunky

Made to coordinate with Kristin’s Crackpot Idea Hat, but not match completely.


It’s not quite as floppy as Kristin’s hat, but that’s cool. Mine can also double as a beanie if need be. Depends on how I want to wear it.


Araucania continues to be my favorite yarn brand. I love everything that they produce, and their colors are simply glorious. The color variations in this yarn are just beautiful.


So, now Kristin and I will be SUPER HAT TWINZ on the road trip to Cincinnati!

IMG_6198(Bonus points if you can guess the movie on the screen!)

Things that I’m currently working on:

  • Wrockstock Pullover (My very first pullover!)
  • Super secret HC84 Project! (HC84 is the event that Kristin and I are road-tripping to at the end of the month!)

So, that’s about that. I predict that my knitting will probably decrease once school starts (NEXT WEEK OMG) but I’m trying to get in as much knitting as I can before then!

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