I teach middle school orchestra in Las Vegas, NV. I’m originally from a city outside of Houston, TX, and I went to college in New Orleans, LA. I enjoy lots of things in addition to knitting: The Office, Harry Potter, LOTR,  podcasts, The Bachelor/ette, and etc.

“I KNIT FOR JUSTICE” is an extremely old inside joke from one day at my summer job. I was an Orchestra Manager for the greatest summer music festival ever, American Festival for the Arts, in Houston. It was right after I’d learned to knit, and during that summer I knit during rehearsals. A LOT. One of my coworkers decided that if I had a superpower, it would be knitting: I would knit rope really fast to lasso criminals, and I would knit throwing stars to use as weapons.

I also really enjoy meeting new people; I’m kind of awesome and I don’t bite.

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  • 1. TJ  |  September 10, 2008 at 12:07 am


    A small group of people and myself are working on a Harry Potter fanzine focusing around social justice, creativity, activism and veganism. It’s called S.P.E.W., for obvious reasons. Our first issue was released on July 31st and garnered positive feedback from readers. Our next issue is slated for Halloween.

    For the upcoming issue, we were hoping to feature an illustrated how-to-knit-your-own socks in tribute to Dobby. The problem is, none of us really knit. That’s where you come in. I found your blog through google, and wondered if you would be willing to write a basic, step-by-step process of how to knit a sock targeted at complete beginners. Complexity should be very low, and materials and pattern laid out. From there, I will draw a comic strip version of your instructions. You would, of course, be properly credited.

    Hope you will consider. If you’d like an e-copy of our first zine to get a feel for what it’s like, let me know and I’ll send it over. love your gorgeous patterns.


    T.J. Basa

    P.S. I’m not sure, but I think I might have met you at Terminus. Were you in Kohilo house and were you always in the company of a friend (another woman) who was about the same height and age?

  • 2. Alice  |  April 10, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    Perchance, do you also like Avatar: the Last Airbender?


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