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This is going to be a REALLY long post, so I’m trying a cut link for the first time ever. We’ll see how this goes.

But first, here is a little preview of what’s behind the cut.

christmas-break-08-jan-09-0241Marie Club Monkeys

christmas-break-08-jan-09-0221Mardi Gras Socks

christmas-break-08-jan-09-0151Dad’s French Press Cozy

christmas-break-08-jan-09-0121Purple Phineas Socks  and The Biggest Socks Ever

Also under the cut: UT Hats, and the Grand Canyon Beanie.

First: the Christmas knitting.


I finished KK’s socks on Dec 20th. THANK GOODNESS. I settled for 1 chart repeat on the leg in order to get them done in time. AND THEY FIT! Because I didn’t get any pictures of these socks on their own, so I’m moving on to The Biggest Socks Ever.


These socks were knit in a total of 2 days. 15 hours MAX. Over Thanksgiving, we went to Michael’s to get Dani‘s brother some yarn. I picked up some tweedy Moda Dea yarn and decided to make something for Rachel with it. 3 days before I went home for Christmas, I started working with it, making a fingerless glove. (I am awesome at procrastinating.) The glove turned out waaay too big, so I ripped. Then I was at a loss for what to do with it.

I thought, “Hey. I made something for KK to wear on her feet, I’ll make something for Rachel to wear on her feet, too!” And The Biggest Socks Ever began.

I did them 2-at-a-time, magic cast on, short-row heel, with US10.5 needles. I cast on Sunday night, finished Monday evening, and flew home Tuesday morning. Talk about cutting it close. Yeesh.


Speaking of cutting it close … I waited until I got home to finish Dad’s French Press Cozy. I wanted to make sure it would fit. The night that I got home, KK and I were in my room, wrapping presents and listening to Wizard Rock, and I remembered that I hadn’t finished dad’s gift yet! I sent KK on  Stealth Mission to retrieve the coffee press from the kitchen and bring it up to me so that I could finish. Once I’d done the crochet chains and put the buttons on, KK and I went on another Stealth Mission to return the coffee press to the kitchen. We are so sneaky.

Dad opened it on Christmas morning, turned it over, and said, “Okay …” And I had to explain it to him. After he understood, he used it every time he made coffee while I was home. I hope he continues to use it.

Next is Mom’s Market Bag, which I DID NOT GET A PICTURE OF. I am such a failure.  But she loved it and SHE SHOULD TAKE A PICTURE OF IT AND SEND IT TO ME SO I CAN POST IT HERE. *hint*


UT Hats! I made 3: one each for KK, Rachel, and KK’s roommate (who we’ve known since forever.) I love them, and I hope KK and Rachel love them, too.


Grand Canyon Beanie! Rachel was really upset that she didn’t get the scarf to match (because, as I told her, I had enough time to bang out a giant pair of socks for her, but not enough time to bang out an entire scarf!) but I think she enjoyed the Beanie. I will make her the matching scarf. Eventually.

Next: knits for me.

When packing to go home, I planned my knitting very carefully. I knew I would have time to knit, so I took things that had been sitting on the needles forever. That way, I would literally be forced to finish them. I took my Marie Club Socks, the Mardi Gras Socks, and yarn to make a UT hat for myself.


While KK and I were doing our Arrested Development marathon, I worked on the Marie Club socks. They were more than 50% done when I took them home, so I was very confident that I would finish them while at home.

On Christmas Day, Mom and I were watching Wonderfalls, and I FINISHED THE SOCKS. It was a Christmas Miracle! I promptly put them on, and didn’t take them off for about an hour.


I finished the Mardi Gras Socks next. I finished them on New Year’s Eve, and wore them to a party that night. They are seriously the softest socks I own. It’s amazing.

I am really excited to have 3 complete pairs of handknit socks. I feel so accomplished.

While I was at home, I also made a UT hat for me, but I don’t have any pictures of it yet. I made it too tall at first, so I had to rip. The decreases that I re-did are a little funky, but it fits way better now.

THE WIP (and Houston Yarn Shop Adventure) POST IS COMING NEXT. I promise.

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  • 1. Mom  |  January 27, 2009 at 6:27 am

    Is it any wonder why I love you. You are amazing – just reading about all the knitting you did made me exhausted. All your Christmas presents were wonderful, useful and treasured. I will send a pic of my shopping bag – best gift ever!
    Love you,


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