October 11, 2008 at 6:04 pm Leave a comment

OKAY! Here are some things that are coming up soon!

  • Neckwarmer pattern (I picked a name! Aubergine Dreams. It was my first choice, and it got 2 votes, so I have declared it the winner!)
  • Everlasting Bagstopper Pattern Modifications (I gave my mods to Christina and she said she really liked them and that I should post them on my blog, so they are coming soon!)
  • More pictures. I have been knitting. WE SWEARS IT.

Also, I am SERIOUSLY considering some Opal Harry Potter sock yarn. Oh, who am I kidding, we all know I’m totally going to buy some. The Ron colorway is my absolute favorite, and I am looking to make some Toe-Up Jaywalkers (Ravelry link!) with it. I am considering buying 2, one to make just straight stockinette socks, and the other for the Jaywalkers. Either way, it is GLORIOUS and I’ll be getting some once I get paid again.

And that is all.

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POLL: name this neckwarmer! death eaters, come on let’s dance

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