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death eaters, come on let’s dance

Around the middle of September, a lovely girl named TJ (that I met at Terminus, but we didn’t figure out that we had met until later, when discussing tutorial options) contacted me through this here knitting blog to ask about me perhaps contributing a knitting tutorial for an onine fanzine she was putting together with a friend of hers, Athena.

I must pimp:
SPEW website: Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare
Athena’s LJ post about the zine: veganwrocker – SPEW Zine

We decided that I would do a Knit-Your-Own-Hat Tutorial for the October 31 issue. I was SO EXCITED about it! (I still am!) I used some simple, easy-to-acquire Lion Brand Wool-Ease, and did just a basic garter stitch hat. Knit flat! There is no binding off, even, just threading yarn through the stitches to cinch it up at the top. I’m really happy with the way the hat turned out, because it is very basic, and I think (hope!) that it is easy to follow.

I finished the instructions last night, scanned some images from The Knitter’s Bible to explain casting on waaaay better than I could with words, and set it all up in a word doc. Now all I have to do is move some pictures from my camera into the word doc, and send it on its way!

I hope Athena and TJ like it, and that zine subscribers actually enjoy it.

Also: SERIOUSLY, WORDPRESS? 3 weeks after I needed a poll on my blog, NOW you decide to make the “Add Poll” tool? EPIC FAIL.

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OKAY! Here are some things that are coming up soon!

  • Neckwarmer pattern (I picked a name! Aubergine Dreams. It was my first choice, and it got 2 votes, so I have declared it the winner!)
  • Everlasting Bagstopper Pattern Modifications (I gave my mods to Christina and she said she really liked them and that I should post them on my blog, so they are coming soon!)
  • More pictures. I have been knitting. WE SWEARS IT.

Also, I am SERIOUSLY considering some Opal Harry Potter sock yarn. Oh, who am I kidding, we all know I’m totally going to buy some. The Ron colorway is my absolute favorite, and I am looking to make some Toe-Up Jaywalkers (Ravelry link!) with it. I am considering buying 2, one to make just straight stockinette socks, and the other for the Jaywalkers. Either way, it is GLORIOUS and I’ll be getting some once I get paid again.

And that is all.

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POLL: name this neckwarmer!

Okay, so I spent about 30 minutes yesterday trying to create a poll to post here, but they all looked dumb, so I’m posting it just as text, and yall can cast your votes in the comments!


  1. Aubergine Dreams
  2. Stave
  3. Dawn til Dusk


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