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note to self


I swatched for my Azure sock(s) last night, and I almost got gauge, so I decided to cast on tonight anyway.

First of all, the cast on (Magic Cast On) is REALLY DIFFICULT! It took me 3 tries to wrap my head around it, and once I did (the 4th time) then I did the increases wrong, and had two huge holes in the toe. It just wasn’t coming together. Woe.

I blame the dancing. (OR THE MOLE!)

(Also, I have pictures of things, but don’t have the time to upload them now.)

May 28, 2008 at 10:48 pm 3 comments

then you need awesome lessons


If I’m knitting from the top down, do I read a chart from the top down?

I’m approaching the lace part of the ribbing of my Bad Penny, and I’m just wondering about the chart. I don’t want to mess it up.

May 11, 2008 at 10:45 pm 2 comments

laissez le tricotant rouler

LET THE KNITTING ROLL. (Not completely accurate, but close enough.)

First of all! SOCKS! Well, sock. Singular. Only one right now.

On Ravelry, they’re called “laissez les SOCKS rouler.” I think I am SO clever.

I did the toe on two DPNs, and when my Knit Picks order came (which I will talk about later!) I switched to my Magic Loop needles. I LOVE MAGIC LOOP. I am NEVER doing anything on DPNs again.

Also, I LOVE THIS YARN. It’s hand-painted that I bought from somebody on Etsy, and it is GLORIOUS. I’m getting 10 stitches/inch, but still! It is so soft, I want to take a bath in it.This is me, cuddling the awesomeness:

NEXT! My Bad Penny pullover. Oh, man. This is going to be awesome. I did a little waist shaping, and now I am almost ready to start with the contrasting color. Here are pictures:

It is going to be so awesome! The yellow is going to look great, and it’ll be an excellent representation of my personality. Me, in solid colors. Instead of my usual spastic amounts of colors.

Now, My Knit Picks order!

It came on Friday, which was AWESOME, because I had started the toe of the Mardi Gras sock on Wednesday. Yarn stats first: I got 4 (2 of each) colors of Palette, and one of Essential. 2 of the Palettes will turn into socks for KK and Rachel, and the rest of the sock yarn is for me. I want to use them to do more complicated patterns, not just straight stockinette. Here’s the sock yarn!

And I also got the Georgian cotton sampler. The yarn itself looks great, I’m not too impressed with the patterns that came with it, but we’ll see. The colors are also more pastel than I usually like, but I really picked it for the yellow ball of Shine Worsted. I really like knitting with cotton, so it’ll be really nice to see how these yarns knit up.

That is that. Wow, that was really long, I felt. YAY!

May 6, 2008 at 7:30 pm 3 comments

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