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S to the Fifth Power!

I finished Sofi’s Slip Stitch Striped Scarf! I blocked it yesterday and this morning, and added fringe about a half hour ago.

img_3480.jpg img_3481.jpg img_3482.jpg

Sofi’s shorter than I am, so it’ll be longer on her. I’m still a little concerned that it’ll curl, but it looks pretty good blocked.

I told my mom about the Knit Picks Options Needles. I told her that I was thinking about putting them on my Christmas list, and she said, “Okay.” I might get the beautiful Harmony Wood ones. YAY.

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I want to knit a sweater.

A nice pullover sweater that I can show off and when people ask where I got it, I can say I made it.

I also want a set of Knit Picks Options interchangeable needles.

I really NEED to know what Dani, Laurel, and Christa want for Christmas! I have an idea, but a hint from them would be nice 😀

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i’m so b.a.

I finished something! FINALLY. I shouldn’t say “finally,” because I started these on Saturday night and finished on Sunday afternoon.

img_3462.jpg img_3465.jpg img_3456.jpg


Project: Saturday Night Mitts (link to Ravelry)

Pattern: Fingerless Mittens, from Knitting at Knoon.

Yarn: Cascade Sierra (80% Pima Cotton/20% Merino Wool) in a lovely pink color.

If I was going to make them again, I’d make them longer. Id’ also figure out how to do ribbing on the cuffs, because I don’t really enjoy the garter cuffs. I’d modify the thumb. too, to make them a little more loose.

I’m REALLY SUPER PROUD of these! They’re my first real dpn project, and they turned out well! AND THEY MATCH! I’m going to make some for Jessica, too.

We agreed that we feel very bad ass while wearing them.

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